Jewelry Design App Ideas?

Our group at Autodesk is thinking about making an app to help people design custom jewelry, since the current options are slow, expensive, and hard to use.  If you've made your own jewelry or worked with a pro to have a custom piece made, our summer intern Kristen would love to pick your brain for 15-30 minutes to learn what features would be most useful to you in a jewelry app.

If that sounds like fun, just reply here and Kristen will contact you to set up a phone or Skype chat.  Thanks!

Picture of Jewelry Design App Ideas?
kwristen1 year ago
Thanks all for volunteering! I'll message you to set up a time to chat!
tutujanet1 year ago
Would love to help! I am a jewelry artist and use software to help design and price my work.
Honus1 year ago
I'm happy to help!
Ninzerbean1 year ago
You may pick my brain.