Jewelry tools for sale

My boss recently purchased all the tools from a jewelry shop that was going out of business and subsequently has a lot of tools that he is parting with. While these are primarily jewelry tools many of them are perfect for prop building.

He has some nice workbenches, casting equipment, benchtop laser welder, a large polishing station, plating rectifier, rolling mills, benchtop lathe, flexshaft motors/handpieces, microscopes, engraving tools and all kinds of small hand tools.

There's too much to list here- I have a complete listing of everything with photos and pricing. Some of this equipment is pretty big/heavy so local pickup would be preferred (Boulder, Colorado) but he said he'll ship equipment if need be. After downloading and viewing the list if there are any questions just message me and I'll try to answer them as best as possible or have my boss email you.


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Adjays1232 years ago

this is good to sale if your giving it to instrutables for a 20.00

Sandra24362 years ago

I have a question. I'm new to all of this, but do you have an equipment that can bend metal without damaging it. For example a Beer can, a metal cigar holder, etc. it's not hard metal. But I would be able to pick it up, my husband works for a moving company. Please let me know.

jewellerjon5 years ago
Hi, is anything still available? also I have a roland jwx10 cnc milling machine for sale if anyone is interested, Thanks
Honus (author)  jewellerjon5 years ago
Sorry- everything is sold!
inewtim5 years ago
Do you still have anything?
Honus (author)  inewtim5 years ago
Sorry- everything is sold!
black hole6 years ago
What do you still have left? I might be interested in the laser welder and/or engraving tools. And how much would they be, if you still have them?
Honus (author)  black hole6 years ago
I was just about to update this.

We still have the laser welder and tack welder available.

Sent you a message!
Can you please contact us about purchasing some of this equipment? My email is
steadygo6 years ago
Hi, did you receive my message ok? Ed.
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