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David_Lin4 months ago

Please help me ~ !

please help me about my arduno robot plat form that (a nano)

it's can't reset itself by interrupt or reset itself per 200 ms automatically.

in order to RUN(move) and LISTEN(receive command) at the same time!

You'd have more luck posting this in the right section of the forum, it should be in Tech: Instructables - Forums - Tech

adormi_tech3 years ago

Adormi provides internship for young engineers who are interested in electronics and it can be done on-line from your home with our support interested candidates please visit for more information.

jsmm3 years ago
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Ryan_murphy3 years ago
Hi, If you want to get an Internship in Madrid then you should check this link
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rgracesalve5 years ago
We are a manufacturer and distributor of industrial safety supplies, specifically floor marking tapes. Looking for an intern for the summer to come in and perform various marketing related tasks.

This is an unpaid position, unfortunately we have no stipend to offer. You will earn valuable experience in marketing, and we can sign off on college credit if applicable.

Please visit our website at to learn more about our ecommerce business. If you are interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume to us.
Backpackboy5 years ago
I Want to Work!!!
Praktikum in London We are a young, dynamic agency, which is able to organize paid Internships in the UK. In cooperation with Study Cape Town ([]) and Gloabal Placements in Bristol, we are always at work, to make your intership a success. Our contact office is based in Bristol, UK. Therefore, we can promise regular personal contact to the placement companies and will be there if you need us. You international team (South Africa, German, Britain and Netherlands) is looking forward to hear from you. Please bear in mind that, you are not bound to us by contract in the beginning. Only if we formally confirm an internship position from us you will have to pay an administration fee for our services. You have the freedom to be involved in the whole process and can give directions and wishes. If you shall have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: : )
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