Jobs for the Creative Techs?

I love studying electronics and doing creative things with electricity. I was an artist/musician throughout all of my youth and decided to switch over to creative electronics after discovering the art of circuit bending. I want to get a degree involving creative applications of electricity, but I'm having trouble getting a clear picture of what the job market is going to be like after i graduate. I am wondering what creative positions are available, not just with Instructables but in general. Are there any particular companies that would be good to look into? I'm trying to plan my degree so that it will be appealing to the companies i want to work for. I was an artist before i was a tech/engineer so I'm particularily interested in things such as product design, creative tech projects, animatronics, sculpture and art/music installations. Any advice would be great, I'm eager to find a job that will require my creativity and that isn't mundane. Is creativity something that is reserved to be expressed in my spare time or can it exist within the job market as well?

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joeraman6 years ago
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Doctor What8 years ago
 You might have better success as an entrepreneur.  Start your own business selling things that you create, that appeal to the crowd.  For instance, Cute Circuit started their own business with their hug shirts (send hugs long distances), and people bought their product.
Perhaps... but good technical sense does not necessarily translate to good business sense. (Personal experience) There are a lot of decisions about money, advertising, making contacts that are better left to those who know what they're doing. In the same way I won't let my accountant touch the soldering iron... I'm staying the heck away from the balance sheets *shudder* >_< Also, running a business takes away from time that you should be spending creating and being creative. Not saying that it can't be done, just that it may not be the best plan.
sarahduncan8 years ago
Create a blog and write tutorials about what you like doing, be creative!
acidbass8 years ago
might be a little late but look at your competitors and see what they are making and see if you can do better