Joining Aluminum Sheets in Layers?

I need to join aluminum sheets together. When I say sheet, all I mean is the body of a coke can. So, I would cut the top and bottom of the can off, then make a vertical cut to make the body into one long strip. I would do this again, and then I want to join these two strips together, end to end. Would 1/8" rivets work? I thought of solder, but I heard solder doesn't stick well to aluminum. I would prefer the aluminum to stay down. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Mad!dog6 years ago
I'm no engineering expert so forgive my idea if it is rubbish. I am trying the same thing but I don't have a heating problems you have. If your epoxies, etc don't like heat, try folding the sheets together. They used to do this in the old days with copper roof plates on churches and similar buildings I think. I am going to try that for my project. Im going to make a folding jig from as I need to do it about 50-100 times.
solonavi8 years ago
Will JB Weld conduct/transfer the heat too?
gowithflo10 years ago
rivets with the rivet washer type things oughta do the trick
lemonie10 years ago
Couldn't you use something else? I'm not sure aluminium is most appropriate for yor job(?) L
Garth Knight10 years ago
I would suggest epoxy. Source the thin alum from the cans, wash, dry. If you can, clean off all the paint with lacquer thinner (careful -nasty stuff). Don't sand or scratch up the alum, it will encourage corrosion. Take the fist sheet and tape it down to a flat surface with double stick tape. Mix up a small batch of epoxy, spread a small amount across the first sheet, drop on # 2 and flatten together with a small rubber/wood roller. Put on more layers (watch the time on your epoxy). Put a flat something and weight on top while the epoxy cures. Repeat adding layers until you reach the desired thickness. Cut to shape after you are finished with the final layers. It will be quite strong. It will not bend well. You can also make this with curves/bends if you get creative on how to apply pressure while it cures. -What are you making?
Will the epoxy stick to the aluminum?
used in this manner it will stick the alum together fine.
oh. *Still thinks JB weld would be easier*
Psst-JB weld is an epoxy...
But it's not normal epoxy, it contains "liquid steel" that will bond it to metal.
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