Judge the Instructables Staff!


Hey guys!

Have you always wanted to judge the Instructables staff upon what they make? Or find out what it's like to judge our contests? Well, do we have the opportunity for you!

Halloween is our busiest time of year, and we do our best to go all-out. This year we ran an internal Halloween Contest, and now we are inviting the community to judge us, and our Halloween costumes, decorations etc!

If you are interested in this opportunity, give me a shout in the comments, or in a PM, and I will get you a ballot.



Picture of Judge the Instructables Staff!
Chikpea9 months ago
Sorry I missed the judging. Thanks for addingg me anyways. :)
blossom92839 months ago
Is judging still open?
audreyobscura (author)  blossom92839 months ago
Just closed! Check out the winners!
M3G10 months ago
Sounds like fun, is there room for another person?
antoniraj10 months ago
Me too...
Chikpea10 months ago
Oh, can I please try? How do I do it? I'd love to do it!
blinkyblinky10 months ago
This looks like a fun thing to do. I'd like to try it out.
audreyobscura (author)  blinkyblinky10 months ago
Ok, I have added you to the ballot.
wow, that's exciting! is there a limit for the number of judges? I'd love to :)
caitlinsdad10 months ago
Only G-d can judge...the gods? or was that Zeus?
audreyobscura (author)  caitlinsdad10 months ago
i added you to the ballot :D