Judging for the Green Science Fair Has Started

I wish good luck for all who participated in this wonderful event, and let the ideas and the green spirit thrive in this site, each step counts! _

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Nothing! No results! gah. I can't take this suspense any longer. Farewell i'ble users and the rest of the world, I'm jumping off a bridge.
theburn7 (author)  drinkmorecoffee9 years ago
omg, cool, you got first place! sadly, i got into the finals, but i was not a winner :(
=SMART=9 years ago
how do you become a judge for one of these contests?? because when i looked at the judges pannel there were loads of judges, most of which didn't even have avatars, so if they get to be a judge i should be able to !
Judges are usually from either the sponsoring company, or recruited geniuses by Instructables, and some other past interns and workers and friends of Instructables.
What all 15 of them ! look at the guys at the top
Picture 2.png
The guys at the top probably work for DISCOVER.
oh yea your right, they probably created an account so they could judge the contest
Could I presume that all the accounts created on 6/9/08 are from DISCOVER?
Your presumption is quite likely to be accurate.
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