Judging the contest is hard!

There's so many awesome entries! Judging the Laser Cutter Contest is going to be near impossible. Here's canida slumped over her laptop at the kitchen table going through entries.

Picture of Judging the contest is hard!
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Does the maple syrup help?
It looks more like Balsalmic vinigar to me. :/
ewilhelm (author)  ll.1310 years ago
There's even an Instructable!:
Reduced balsamic vinegar
ll.13 ewilhelm10 years ago
...ok.. I wouldn't've thought there be a difference.
my sister thought it was root beer schnapps!
It's 4x concentrated balsamic vinegar. (I recognized the bottle, and it's labled, and you can read it if you download the full-resolution image...)
KentsOkay westfw10 years ago
Balsamic vinegar....is good
Kiteman KentsOkay10 years ago
But downloading the hi-res image just to read the label on an irrelevant bottle is sad.
Enlarge the image... ...now... ...enhance it!
He got the 4x from enhancing the reflection off my watch!
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