July change of plans...

There has been a change of plans for me:  because of the recent "purchase" of the portion of the company I work for, and my future being made so uncertain by this, I have had to cancel out my trip to NYC.  The uncertainty of it all, has placed undue toll on my being, and anxiety had become the only thing I have been feeling lately.

I just wanted you all to know, those that care about such things. 

For those that can be in NYC on June 16-19, the information about the conference can be found Here, at this link

Maybe in 2 years, when the next one comes along....


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That, er "stinks".
I hope you can go next time
Goodhart (author)  Rock Soldier7 years ago
IF there is a next time,  if I survive until the next time, and if I am any better off then I am now.....next time....yeah, maybe.
Of course you will! Come on, that's two years. I'm guessing 1/30th of your life? That's not that much to be honest...

Good luck in the mean time!
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Kryptonite, it can take as little as 5 minutes to stop breathing, for the heart to stop, for a truck to run over a person.....there are no guarantees in life...and although I will most likely be alive,  will I still be ambulatory enough to go? It's hard to say, with my heart and back problems that came up last year, etc.
.  Dude! Get off your pity pot. Sure, not being able to go is a big disappointment, but you still have a good life. I've got arthritis, bad back, bad heart, &c, &c, &c, ad nauseum, but I still live in the greatest country on earth, have a better standard of living than the vast majority of ppl in the world, and I have my friends and acquaintances on Ibles (plus much, much more) - just like you.
.  Use the time you would have spent at the conference to fall in love with Mrs. Goodhart again. Or complete some of those Ibles you are working on. Or volunteer at a local non-profit. Anything but feel sorry for yourself.
.  PS: I also suffer from Depression, so I realize it ain't as easy as "just smile and everything will be OK." But I have found that reminding myself just how lucky I have been (and am) really helps a LOT.
Goodhart (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Well, with the possibility of being asked to leave a job I have been at for over 23+ years...and suddenly realizing that (after a little research) the job I have is one of the fastest shrinking jobs in the USA.....everyone is automating it, and operators are no longer required.....it isn't so much I feel sorry for myself....I am being filled to overflowing with anxiety and tension....I just barely make my bills now,  and the prospect of having to start ALL OVER at my age.....it is just so overwhelming....

It isn't so much about the conference.....although that does greive me greatly,  it is about WHY I can't go....this being up in the air about my job....the need to retrain for another skill....the need to do it VERY quickly...and not having the finances to do it with.....hopefully I can get a few grants to help with some schooling or something....
.  OK. Let's suppose you do lose your job:
.  You will probably receive some kind of severance package. It won't be much, but it should get you by for at least a month (with 23 yrs of service, they may be much more generous).
.  Hopefully they will provide medical insurance for a few months and then allow you to pick up the policy on your own. Not cheap, but better than trying to get a new insurance policy after having heart surgery. With Obamacare on the horizon, this may become a moot point soon.
.  If you haven't found a job after a few weeks, you will be eligible for unemployment. Not a lot of money, but it should be enough to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. You may have to cancel cable service and go to a slower Internet plan, but you can get by until you can find a new job.
.  Will it be fun? Nope. Will you have to lower your standard of living for a while? Probably. Will you survive and find another job? I got $100 says you will. Ain't America great?
.  PS: If worse comes to worst, with your heart, back, &c, you probably qualify for disability. Not a lot of money, but enough to live on. You can make taschengeld by fixing computers and other odd jobs for cash.
.  PPS: What will worrying get you? More heart problems, ulcers, sleepless nights, high blood pressure ... and it won't fix anything.
Goodhart (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
be eligible for unemployment. Not a lot of money, but it should be enough to keep a roof over your head

Since our (wife and my ) expenses (debts) now bring us to Zero or below a day or so after each pay, there is little solace in anything less then what I am making.  I have been here before, and I would prefer not to go bankrupt again.

On lowering my standard of living.....I did an on line search, and the rent I pay is probably around $300+  LESS than ANYONE in the area.  My wife's insistence on moving has been stymied because of this....we can't afford more, and there is no "less"

What will worrying get me?  Nothing, but it is not completely under my control.  Even before all this came about, I was anxious and nervous most of the time......now it is just 10 x worse.

But not all is doom and gloom.....

Here is the deal though,  I "may" have some time to get some training in something else.....it has to be a skilled type of work....since nothing will happen before June, and since even an immediate working on conversion to automation (something we doubt but are thinking could happen), there may be quite some time for me to get SOMETHING under my belt....IF  I can decide on what I would like to do.   Computer operators though, are going away fast it seems.
You could always sell off the least important things to get by, like movies(if you really want to watch movies, you can find them online, no pirating needed)
Goodhart (author)  The Ideanator7 years ago
Yeah, but VHS tapes are hard to sell ;-) 
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