Just HOW contraversial is this really? (Also: The Dunkis's Flat knex pistol review.)

I know this subject has been brought up before, but I'm the first one to actually have video documentation on this topic to my knowledge: 

While I'm at it I might as well review TD's Flat knex pistol because I don't feel like making a separate topic for that:

Design- 7/10.  It succeeds at being compact and flat but this results in some tradeoffs, such as a tiny handle.  Bullet lock does not work too well, the ammo falls off given a good shaking.
Range- 6/10.  About 25 feet with oodammo, with 2 #64's.  Any more bands, and I have problems pulling the trigger.  I'm gonna go easy on this rating because it's a compact gun for showing off.
Comfort- 7/10.  Sure the handle is flat, but it's also tiny and pretty hard to grip if you have larger hands.  Also the pin tends to hit my hand a bit if I'm not careful due to this.
Innovation- 8/10. It's the first truly flat knex gun, but it also sacrifices functionality.
Trigger- 8/10.  It blocks near the back of the barrel, but the part you pull breaks easily with more than 2 bands.  It's comfortable though and the spacers don't fall off.
Overall- 7/10.  It's a novelty show-off but nothing too powerful.  Great for stealth if you ever needed to hide it.

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TheDunkis6 years ago
Already posted the story on youtube but I'll give a more detailed description here.
So basically I got into K'nex all because a friend of mine made these launching devices out of pen parts and rubber bands. Man did these things get range. The only problem is that they were like bows in that you had to hold them back and that was tricky to do under the table or for making surprise attacks at each other. But the main thing is that I wanted to also learn how to make them because my friend was scoring like $1-5 a piece! I ended up coming across K'nex guns and built my own small block trigger to bring to school. I always POed my friends because I could fire it with one handed discretely under the table (boy does that sound wrong...) and my friends kept trying to tell the lunch supervisor what I was doing. I admitted I had the K'nex gun (she didn't do a thing about it) but she never saw me shooting it so I couldn't get in trouble. Much lulz I had. I should've tried selling them but that was back when I had few pieces. Overall, it's a toy, you most likely won't get in a lot of trouble for it. The cool thing is that if anyone catches you, you can quickly disassemble it and be like "gun? What gun?"

Anyways, thanks for the review and careful with what you do. (rhyme unintentional)
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Why do you always say stuff like (Boy does that sound wrong...)? Less people are gonna notice it if you don't point it out.
Because someone, that one person will point it out (and you're one of them usually >_>) so I always beat to the punch.
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Hardly anyone would see that when they go through a huge wall of text.
Mepain6 years ago
>Just HOW contraversial is this really?
Apparently it is very controversial.

Also, greentext doesn't work on ibles.
DJ Radio (author)  Mepain6 years ago
Guess it is looking at the comments. What's Greentext?
Son, I am disappoint.
DJ Radio (author)  crestind6 years ago
crestind Mepain6 years ago
Son, this is not 4chan.
Kiteman6 years ago
It's a sad indictment on a nation when bringing a very toy gun into school is seen as an act of rebellion.

Land of the free

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