Just a THANK You and a picture

I just want to say a BIG thank you to all who answered my two questions about wire (for a soap cutter), and about making a silicone mold (for my soap)

I wanted to show you a picture of some of the soap I make. This is NOT "fishing" for compliments, or to sell anything. I just wanted to give you an idea of what I do

really no need to even comment

Picture of Just a THANK You and a picture
Watermelon swirled soap.jpg
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MaryT8M (author) 5 years ago
I tried a new technique I saw on youtube called a column pour (I think) I used cosmetic safe pigments that are water soluble for the actual color. The base soap is a recipe I have used for a long time. It's made with lard, coconut oil, soybean oil (or crisco solid veggie shortening), and a little castor oil, mixed with lye/water. It makes a nice white hard soap that takes to adding color really well.

I had planned on doing an instructable on the color swirling but DH was no where to be found just as I was about to do it, and I couldn't pour and snap pictures at the same time.

I divided the soap into 3 pitchers (2 with pigment added) then put a column (Crystal Light container weighted with pennies) in the middle (more or less) of my cardboard box "mold" (with a plastic bag to cover the cardboard). Then I took turns pouring some of each color over the column, until all were used, then repeat until all the soap was gone. remove the column and using a knife swirl the soap to further marbleize. cover with plastic. while it goes through saponification.......ta-da
if your camera has a timer feature, so you can set up the camera and then get in front of it......and a cheap tripod....you might be able to get some decent pictures.....of course, if your camera is not so equiped....all this is is just blather :-)
MaryT8M (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Blather?......you're too funny!
My camera MAY have a timer.....or NOT....it's just easier blaming my lack of pictures on my DH....or taking full credit for them when he is around to snap them! LOL
Next time he disappears like that, chain him to the plumbing! 8-/
MaryT8M (author)  bajablue5 years ago
I'd have to catch him first!
blkhawk MaryT8M5 years ago
That is why you should always marry a soldier: they make their own beds, are always neat and (I know you will love this part) they always follow orders! :-)
MaryT8M (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
LOL you are SO right! I always said I would have made a GREAT military wife....I loved to move around. (DH tried to inlist but high Blood Pressure kept him out......Now I'm glad he would have made too big of a target....this is back in the Viet Nam days)

DH does make the bed, and is a very good cook as well!
MaryT8M (author) 5 years ago
I have a couple new ibles in mind. I went to find items for 2 Halloween decorations I wanted to do them on, and couldn't find what I needed anywhere around this little town. I had to place an order for one thing and am still "shopping" for the other :-(

Soap will be coming before too long

thanks for the encouragement
blkhawk MaryT8M5 years ago
I meant to ask you how well this home made soap works with hard water? We have hard water where I live and, I don't know how sudsy your soap gets where you live.
MaryT8M (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
We have horribly hard water, but also have a water softener.....when we remember to put in the salt. Even without the salt it works really well because I use Coconut oil as PART of the recipe. My neighbors don't have a softener on their well, and my soap is all they use. When we lived in Colo the hard water (we lived on the side of a granit 7,000 ft "hill") was one of the reasons I started making soap.

Coconut oil makes lots of suds. I like using beef tallow or lard because it makes a nice hard bar, and makes creamy lather. Then castor oil holds moisture.

With a little care soap is easy to make, and you don't have to use a lot of exotic/fancy oils. I pretty much buy everything at the grocery store.

I'd be happy to share my recipe, and will do an Ible in the near future I promise. I've done one instructable on my Coffee soap
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