Just a heads up: Toy Rods and Connectors Contest is coming up.

Yo. I'm not active in the Knex community anymore but wanted to give my old pals a heads up: From June 30th to August 11th the official Toy Rods and Connectors contest will go live on Instructables. (In case you don't know, it's basically a Knex contest but its open to other rod/connectors type toys). So if you have that big project coming up or a new idea to work on, make sure you save it to post until then so you can be in with the chance of winning.


Have a nice day.

Picture of Just a heads up: Toy Rods and Connectors Contest is coming up.
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Can't wait for it!

Im going to enter something old or new

Sounds awesome, can't wait to enter!

What you got this year planned? Guns :D :D :D

legochest3 years ago

Thanks for posting this. So you need to create a new Instructable during that time in order to enter the contest? You can't use an old Instructable?

Yep, that is correct


All entries must be published after the contest opens.

hunter9993 years ago

Yep, I've began already making preparations for 2 new projects. Thanks for the heads up Hiyadudez!!

zKnar3 years ago

Those builds bring back memories, dayuuum.