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It's the NASA Technical Reports Server. It's like geek heaven

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Tool Using Animal (author) 10 years ago
Not to answer my own post, but looks like NASA just found life in a meteorite, again

it's alive
Is there an English version? :-)
:p Basically... On a Carbon based meteorite - they found mats of preserved cyanobacteria (at least it resembles it) ;) Thanks tool :D
I got most of it...About like reading something in Old to Middle English. I get most of it, but occasionally a huh? comes along.
Whenever you get a Huh? moment.... define: word into Google ;) Do that every time you get a moment like that and you'll be surprised how quickly your vocabulary (or should I say Lexicon :p) grows ;) Of course, there's a huh? vs. vocab relation... More huh? more growth :p
Honus10 years ago
Bookmarked that one! You weren't kidding.... :P