Just how fast can a 2.6GHz Pentium 4 go?

Well I have gotten a 2.6GHz Pentium 4, on the socket 478 with stock cooling, to go as high as 2.94GHz before the system starts to hang. I believe I have the Core voltage set to 1.875v, and I am running windows XP home edition.
the system specs (other than the cpu) are:
-Ram-1gb in four slots
-HDD's-Fujitsu 10gb and Maxtor 10gb
-Mainboard-Asus P4GBX
-Video-Nvidia Geforce (2?) pci card
-Cooling-Stock pentium 4 cooling aparatus and 2 case fans
-PSU-350W Enermax

The cpu is just a standard socket 478 pentium 4 that has a stock speed of 2.667GHz

Has anyone gotten theirs to go any faster?

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kelseymh6 years ago
64 feet per second, from a third-floor office. Maximum speed without overclocking would be about 200 miles per hour, from a FedEx cargo hold in-flight.
what about air resistance? that would slow it down a bit, as your average desktop tends to be a fairly slab-sided entity. I'm guessing that slightly below 100mph would be the terminal velocity.
Nope, I did a simple calculation, and looked up some results. Terminal velocity for a sphere (which is a reasonable approximation to a desktop cube) is 211 mph.

I'd disagree that a sphere is a reasonable approximation to a desktop cube, but I'm not that happy with 850 kph...

I assumed the box is tumbling randomly, rather than falling with one face presented preferentially. That randomness makes the sphere not unreasonable, I think. Besides, the symmetry makes the calculation easier :-)

I forgot to root it. 40x40x20 at 10kg was what I went for. shape & area determine drag - what size sphere?

I took a desktop to be about 50 cm average dimension, so a 25 cm radius sphere.

That gives 6.5 litres doesn't it?
Depend upon the case I guess?

I get 65 liters for a 25 cm radius sphere (15625 * 4p/3 / 1000). I used a density of 1.5 times water, to account for the difference between the plastic and metal stuff, vs. the air spaces, and I used a drag coefficient of 0.5. A bit more research shows that I should probably have used something between 0.8 and 1.0, for a cube falling at an arbitrary orientation.

Like I said previously, I forgot to root it, but it seems slow if I do?

Watch video - "approaching 320 m/s", "penetration: 40 metres"


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