Just in time for the USB contest - cufflinks!

From Cool Material: Ravi Ratan USB Cufflinks. "Every man in the history of time has, at one point, wanted to be James Bond. Long story short, none of us will ever be as cool as JB, but we can act the part. Ravi Ratan’s USB cufflinks, each storing 2 GB, are something even Q would’ve been proud of. Now you can secretly keep the missle launch co… er, Sales Revenue PowerPoint at your fingertips."

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USB Cufflinks in silver its perfect for me to make a unique formal style... :)

kelseymh6 years ago
I think this is a throw-down. Who is going to build their own version from scratch?
To put it in their projects. Small usb drives fit anywhere...
dealextreme.com, here I come!!!
Yeah with a 4 gb and the $1 adapter, you can not so easily swallow movies!
I ment that you could swallow a 4 gb micro sd card. With movies on it.
An Amazing idea and a perfect gift for every geek. Actually I think they are pretty easy to make, 1. get the right drive (e.g. http://usb.brando.com/eagletec-usb-nano-flash-drive_p00892c041d15.html) you can even see the black cap in the cover 2. use spray paint or metal foil 3. attach the cufflinks
Well volunteered ;)
I think its funny how the cover for the USB is bigger than the drive itself...
it's kind of freaky, when you think about it.... that technology has progressed far enough for that to be true, when we were using floppy disks roughly the size of our hands less than 10 years ago for the same purpose, that only held 2 Mb...
XOIIO6 years ago
LOL sweet.
Johenix6 years ago
Now to complete the set we need a Tie Clip USB cellular internet access device. Oh, and up the Cufflinks to 64Gb+.
Sounds great! When are you going to put up your I'ble?
Culturespy6 years ago
Well those are pretty cool now aren't they.