Just paper?

Do you have to use paper cups or can you use foam cups

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localtalent7 years ago
 I'm a member of the betacup team.

We definitely agree that styrofoam cups are a big problem.  The betacup project is primarily focused on reducing paper cup consumption, and we're running this contest as a tie-in to the larger open innovation contest.  Consequently, for the Instructables contest, we're asking people to limit their projects to using paper cups.
Paper only.
Can not-coffee cups be used? I'm thinking a cup from a fast food place, or a slurpee cup, as long as it's paper?
Sunbanks Wasagi7 years ago
Mmmmm slurpees... 
Ironic, since the foam cups do their own substantial damage to the environment -- CFCs in fabrication, and no degradation in landfills.  Well, those limitations are, as always, up to the sponsoring organization.
It is up to the sponsor, but even so the styrofoam cup is the more environmentally friendly choice if the cups are going to a landfill, which most are. Their intent is up to them, but in that view it's better to reassess the paper cup.
Is that true now?  Does modern styrofoam degrade better than it used to?  I've seen "compostable" foam made from corn byproducts, but it always seems too pricey (e.g., at Smart and Final) for companies to choose it in bulk.

MAYBE they are looking at:  
 paper cups = dead trees
styrofoam = soil airation without "poisoning"
Just my guess....

Ed, would you consider locking "localtalent"'s posting (see the bottom)?  Coming from the sponsor directly is pretty nice, but no one is going to see it all the way down there.
Sure. Stickied.
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