Just returned from the hospital.....

Last night at work, I started having chest pains and pressure, and so spent the night in the hospital getting it checked out.   AFAIK, it turned out not to be heart related, but they still want to run a stress/echo-C test just to be sure. At this point, we are not sure what caused the pain/pressure for 14 hours.  But it is good to know it is probably NOT my heart :-) 

ADDENDUM: .the Heart Cath, prep and procedure take up much of a day's time (started at 10 am and got out of the hospital by 4:45 PM). And I was completely wiped out mentally and physically by then.
All went fairly well, they found one artery about 70% clogged but not enough apparently to need a balloon or stent (shrug), so I will be "watched" for awhile. So, thankfully, no "extended" stay at the hospital this time around. I will be going back to work in Monday even.

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Kiteman5 years ago

Stay well, friend.

(Crosses random body parts)
Goodhart (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
So far, they have ruled out an "actual" heart attack, so that is encouraging....still, with tomorrow's tests they my still find something I might have to deal with (partial blockage of an artery or some other as yet non-lethal abnormality), so we will be waiting to see, but thank you   I really DO need to start some form of exercise program....my right arm hurts, we think from over use of the MOUSE *sigh*
You could try switching to a tracker ball - Roger-X swears by his.
ilpug Kiteman5 years ago
My mom had her entire right arm become basically useless from mouse over-use, then she went on the Space Mountain roller coaster at Disneyland and it went around a corner and wrenched her arm somehow, and then her arm felt better.

Ah... Mickey Mouse and Space Mountain... Not only the happiest place on earth, its now officially "the cure to what ails you". ;)
I never had too much fun at Disneyland, it is WAY too crowded.
I have never been there, but I would bet it is crowded.

(I was teasing you by the way...) :)
Meh, me either. :P
same...never want to.....
We're going to have to start a new topic soon and poll members on who's been to Disney... :P
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