Just to be sure

Hi, The entry deadline for the thinkgeek hacks contest is 5-april-2009 Just to be sure, does this mean you have to submit your entry before midnight today, april 4th, or can you still submit your entry tomorrow? -Yon

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ahhh!!! i only have 2 more minutes left! *moves to china* ok i have some more time now.
osgeld8 years ago
the rules say sunday april 5th 11:59PM PST
yonsje (author)  osgeld8 years ago
Thanks, PST is like California and Las Vegas, right? (I'm in a different time zone)
osgeld yonsje8 years ago
yonsje (author)  osgeld8 years ago
ok, thanks, i submitted my entry to this contest 6 hours ago, but it's still "pending moderation" :s I hope it still counts