KAGP1- Knex Air Gun Prototype 1 - pictures!

My Break is still not over but this is somthing i have been working on 3 people thought i shouldn't do this, or that is was imposable. I'm not nameing any names... But it works, needs a little tweeking with the shell (still a little breakable from recoil.) i took off the barrel due to it breaking (though will get that fixed by prototype 3 hopefully (or 2 if i dont need a 3)) last picture in this is the best. Sypran

Picture of KAGP1- Knex Air Gun Prototype 1 - pictures!
ACKG 2.bmp
ACKG 3.bmp
ACKG 4.bmp
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Trauts9 years ago
Is that the cylinder from a door hydraulics?
Sypran (author)  Trauts9 years ago
nope, pipeing from home depot, even then... no (you gave me an idea... but idk if it would work...)
tomboyRme19 years ago
you look like the guy off The Mighty Boosh
yasamo9 years ago
woah! does this work (well as a prototype should?) cause this unique and does match your quote (how it is not useing a system like the fireing pin) by the way i agree with Dr.Weird you do loook like a ramone
DrWeird1179 years ago
you look like Johnny Ramone.
Sypran (author)  DrWeird1179 years ago
alot of people say that
I can see why. I now believe in reincarnation.
benfoxg9 years ago
Sypran (author)  benfoxg9 years ago
can't needs a new body or it to be more renforced, due to haveing a big spring the recoil breaks most frames (this one barely makes it but breaks within about 5-10 shots)