KI is down.

Well, it happened again. Knex innovation is down. 404 down. I was going to the one and only place where i knew a link was for Kichat, and BLAM it's down. Who knew?

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TheDunkis8 years ago
Did you want the chat link? Anyways it's probably just being "updated" again or if he has any sense "downgraded" back to its original form.
NYPA (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Yes, I would like a link. Even though raz just insults me all of the time.
Don't like it? Stay out.
What's the problem with NYPA? (honest question)
He's annoying, and trolled the chatroom more than once on occasion.
NYPA (author)  razzlekunai8 years ago
I was trying to be nice, like ibles told me. Wouldn't want you to go crying to your mommy now, would I?
 Does he use the name NYPA in the chatroom?
His IP adress indicated that he's from New York, I'm pretty sure no one was impostoring him, or would want to for that matter.
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