Well, him or his brother or anyone else with access to his account.

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Illidan10 years ago
killerk only ever posted 1 gun, why do you all idolise him?
and it wasn't even the first
Mr Tenacious10 years ago
i don't see y you think he is such a hero all he's posted is 1 gun part from that he's never finished anything else. He said his Magnum would be out on christmas. Lol!
HBF Mr Tenacious10 years ago
Why hes such a hero? How could you ask such a silly question? He made the original knex gun, foo
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  HBF10 years ago
Who did, so?
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  HBF10 years ago
well, one this site it was sk8kidk
Actually, there was a guy not on this site who made the very first knex RBG, in 3d too! And on this site it was (yournamehere)'s basic knex cannon.
oh yes, im a numpty!
Is numpty like an idiot (french), idiot (german), or an idiot (english)?
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