K'NEX ARX-160 in Progress

Hey guys! For about 3 years now, I have wanted to see a ARX-160 built out of K'NEX, but both BM2 and KnexBuild found the task a little harder than expected. So, finally, I have made a good looking ARX-160 out of K'NEX, and while it does need some work, it started off great!

With a high-capacity magazine, great sights, a great, long, pin-pull, nice stock, and a over-all sturdy body, this K'NEX gun is starting out pretty great!

I am to lazy to post more about it now, so give us a comment, a subscription, and suggestions as to what we could do better on the build or what other replicas we should build.


-The Red Book of Westmarch

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JonnyBGood3 years ago

Looks great!

Suggestion for your next build, pump action gun of any sorts. I challenge thee.

Thanks man! ARGH, a pump action? Why!?!? XD

because its fun! And innovative! Lol...

Kona-chan3 years ago

me liky aloty

the cool thing is, in cod Ghost it has like a laser to hip aim with owo

and I just bought a laserlight cat toy xD

maybe i can try to make a attachment for it, i'll let you know tho

Thanks man, glad you like it! I don't have CoD: Ghosts... yet, but I can't wait to use the ARX-160 in game-play.

it is nice, I can tell you

and get off ya wii and buy a real console like a real gamer xD

What's wrong with the Wii? If anything, I thought the Wii was the most real gaming console, because it actually encouraged fun and social interactions with people. Not chewing you out, just saying.

And as for the gun in Ghosts, it really sucks in game. Lowest minimum damage of Ars, low range, pretty bad recoil. It tries to fill a niche that SMGs are better at filling.

Anyway, your version looks excellent, perhaps a little too tall given all the extra space above the stock. The real steal version just looked too bulky to me. An interesting weapon, but bulky.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is trash, in my opinion.

Why do people hate on games so much? People really disliked MW3, and yet the game is great! What is up with people? How petty can you get? LOL Just enjoy the game. =D

Agreed, but this is coming from my opinion which is a person who doesn't like first-person shooters. On a side note, MW3 was probably my favroite fps i I had to choose one.

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