I've been cruising the site for any knex pistols that either are a 1911, or look like one. So far, I haven't found any. So, I thought I'd post a topic for it and see if anyone had any ideas, or if anyone wanted to make one, ore do a joined project (shared credit). I'll be making my own to, but I could use some input. Tell me what you guys think.

Picture of KNEX COLT 1911
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TheDunkis8 years ago
Not quite the best pistol but pretty cool. I would try but I'm working on an MP7 at the moment.
EWWW not the best? 1911 is like the bestest .
... Instead of me trying to point out why not how about you point out why?
Best looking pistol in my opinion , and it's been used for decades so that says something...
Yeah it's old and needs to be replaced. I think Americans are a little too stuck in the past. We are only now looking into other guns to replace the M4/16.
they should use video games to help example (halo 3)
Right... American army rangers carrying needlers... Realism fail.
might work if they know how to build it.
the_builder (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Lets hope the replace the M16 and M4 soon. Our soldiers are dieing because they jam so easily. I like The FN SCAR and the H&K 416.
the_builder (author)  the_builder8 years ago
A bullpup weapon would be nice too (a weapon that has the action and magazine behind the trigger). It would give a longer barrel with a shorter overall length.
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