K'NEX Gun: RSEC (Red's Shell Ejecting Carbine)

Hey guys! Well, here is my most recent project, the RSEC (Shell Ejecting Carbine). The title really explains it all, it is a shell ejecting carbine... of sorts. Technically, the definition of a carbine is a gun that is in rifle form, but shoots pistol / SMG ammunition. This gun does not EXACTLY fit that definition, as it shoots blue rods, which is the K'NEX equivalent of a rifle round, but, all the same, I'm gonna call it a carbine.

The thing that perplexed me about this gun is it's pin pull-back length. You see, the pin pull-back length on my K'NEX Gun: Reliable (R3) outdistanced the RSEC's pin-pull length, but I'd bet you that the RSEC would get better range, even without shells. I couldn't really tell you why that is, but, more likely than not, it is a result of the barrel. The R3 has a long barrel, which may mess with the rounds, but this, the RSEC, has no barrel (I.E. the rounds are shot right out of the magazine into the open air). Let that be a lesson to us all, K'NEX barrels are pretty much useless (which may be part of the reason why K'NEX bullpups are no good).

  • Great range: 50 - 70 ft. (even without the shells)
  • Comfortable
  • Everything in the gun is well situated (IMO)
  • Nice 'n short, just like I wanted it
  • Heavily modifiable
  • True-trigger operated
  • Good pull-back-length
  • Hand guard
  • Shoots shell ammunition OR non-shelled ammo

-The Red Book of Westmarch

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JonnyBGood3 years ago

Yeah. Every NOVA game I played had an addicting storyline and even better fps controls. I'm not to far in it yet but I like to play it when I find time.

Can't you see the asault rifle they use in NOVA in this gun? Just imagine making a solid diagonal section from the front of the gun to the tip of the hand guard.

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I have no idea! I'm just as suprised as you are. Hmmm wonder what he did. Guess I'll go ask an administrator.

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