K'NEX Guns on The Red Book of Westmarch's Bucket List

Here I am, revamping this topic with loads of new build ideas. What would you guys like to see?

Note: The name of each picture is within the image notes. I also endeavored to put the name of the manufacturer in there for all of us "gun nuts."

I have a feeling that this list will never stop growing... It hasn't yet.


-The Red Book of Westmarch

Updated as of: September 9, 2014

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Kona-chan3 years ago

the mp412 would be a great idea to make

I thought so too, only problem is the overall body... how to get a cylinder? I have no idea.

and you made a break action pistol based on the mp412, didn't ya?

perhaps use that and mod it?

who said it has to shoot?

look at BM's revolver

or perhaps snowflake connectors?

The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 3 years ago

Bump... Any suggestions? All I have don't for the last few days is fill my ears with music loved by my peers.. Owl City really is the best.




go listen to Avenged Sevenfold my comrade

A collaboration with me.

JonnyBGood3 years ago

After my current projects, that XM29 has my name written all over it! MMMM yeah.... got to build that piece of awesomeness.

Before I google it, any info on the gun? I see it has a magazine in front and back, two charging handles, and that top barrel seems to be of a larger diameter so a grenade launcher maybe? Regardless I'm feeling some creative vibes radiating off that gun.... and I like it!

Alright, I'm back. Yup, that is correct. 5.56x45 below, 20mm PGL up top. Bossness all around. Dude, you should so do it, it would be an incredible project, and you would be, officially, the best K'NEX gun builder ever.

Yeah after our, project I'm building this gun, either with my own spin or maybe a replica (maybe) I'm not seeing a lot of dimensions for this gun.

Speaking of dimensions, how do you make replicas based off the few dimensions given by the makers? I mean usually I can find barrel length and overall length but no other useful measurements like stock length, distance between handle and mag, and so on. You just freestyle or something?

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