K'NEX Handguns without using Y rods!

I, and other people, should come up with a way to create K'NEX guns with out using Y rods. Consider it a challenge!

Picture of K'NEX Handguns without using Y rods!
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The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 5 years ago
People can forget this topic, I have 70 Y-rods now!
The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 5 years ago
Do you have any ideas or models?
Why though...?
Simple, some people don't have y's. When I first started, I had absolutely none but still had enough pieces to build a pistol. It's just one of those things, making K'nex just a little more accessible.
I'd say its worth it to blow the 50 cents and get a handful of them though, as it grants so many building possibilities :-)
Well of course, I would too, but you have to think from the perspective a kid who can't just walk out the door and buy a pack of Y's. You'd either have to buy a set or special order them online.
True, but ordering online is super cheap... Anyways, its a good challenge :-)
TheDunkis5 years ago
I've always considered it, and it could be done somewhat easily, but what exactly do you mean by "handgun" ? Handle fed?
I know it would be easy to do, but it seems that all the good pistols/handguns use those Y rod-connecters. Rather frustrating really. And yes, by handgun I mean handle-fed. FFR*, do you have any H&K weapons to put into my H&K group? You can join if you would like to...?

* For Future Reference