K'NEX M249 SAW / FN Minimi

Hey guys! Well, this is my most recent project, the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). While the body may look simple enough, I can tell you that this project is no laughing matter. It is sturdy (mostly) and has an amazing pin pull, but is not yet finished. I am not sure weather it will fire a round out of the magazine, and if it did, I am not quite sure if the round wont hit the front sight. It needs a magazine lock (the mag will fall out if you don't hold it in with your hand), the stock connection is not sturdy in any way, and the back sight needs some work. All the same, this is the first accurate looking M249 SAW on 'ibles, and I hope that I can get it "up (my) to standards."

  • Nice looking box magazine
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • 16 round magazine (ish)
  • Accurate looking (M249 / FN Minimi)
  • Shoots a yellow rod about 20 - 30 ft.
  • Bipod attaches nicely
  • Bipod is strudy
  • Stock looks boss (IMO)

Tell me how you think I can improve the gun, I am always open to suggestions.


-The Red Book of Westmarch

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~KnexBuild~4 years ago
Excellent. You've built another great model. =D
Thanks bro!
No problem! I'd say that you're one of the best model builders.
You are too kind!
Johnhall144 years ago
CODawesome4 years ago
looks good! perhaps you can put picture of the real M249, so we can tell how accurate it really looks.
I might do that in the 'ible, but probably not, as that keeps it from being featured. Not that that matters to me... *wink*
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