K'NEX Machine Gun (Does Not Use "Barrel Per Bullet" Design)

How it should (How I want it to) work.

Background: Uses a rack and pinion system to draw back a firing pin to launch projectiles(firing pin not shown).

1. Crank (black rod) will be turned, spinning the pinion, which in turn draws back the rack. First picture shows the racks in default position. They are locked in place against the pinions by the yellow connectors stopping the orange connectors (center).

2. Rubber bands attached to the racks pull them inward, but is stopped by the yellow connectors. Once it reaches the end, the rubber bands pulling the racks will pull them inward suddenly. This will free the racks from the pinions, so turning the crank will not pull back the mechanism any more.

3. Once the racks impacts the front, the force of the impact pushes it against the angled yellow structure, thus resetting the racks into default again.

Basically someone build this so it works well, por favor.

Picture of K'NEX Machine Gun (Does Not Use
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Mepain10 years ago
Ahhh okay, I think I get it now! In simplified terms, the pinion's "teeth" (green rods)pull back the rack through it's "teeth" (gray connectors). The yellow connectors keep the rack's teeth and the pinion's teeth touching, so the whole top assembly is pulled back. once those orange connectors clear the yellow connectors, the top assembly goes forward, and then the process repeats. Am I right?
yeah thats right, although I have made a new full auto design, it does not involve a rack or pinion but a canibalised cog and a hammer. At the moment I'm making a browning m2
wtf i didnt get a single thing :$
crestind (author)  Mepain10 years ago
:) Yeah
MI69 years ago
I had the idea of rack and pinion but couldnt make the rack . You have; well done !
crestind (author) 9 years ago
Looking back on this, I overcomplicated it in comparison with bakenbitz's design.
i had some ideas on this that involved using a chain
i have been trying to do this but i can only seem to do it by cutting cogs
well, don't cut cogs, you could just use a cog, then make it so that after a full revolution the cog goes up. You know, like have an orange connector that is somewhat longer than the cog, that way when it gets to that point, the cog goes up, releasing the pin.
crestind (author)  Whaleman10 years ago
I've actually made several adjustments to this design, but it is still too weak to support rubber bands (I don't have time to work on this :/).
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