It's KneXFAN200 here with a k'nex ball machine contest. There will be no prize unless you count being put on a collection of best ball machines with instructions. There will be a Grand winner, a First place winner, second pace winner, a third place winner, and a runner up. So lets get to the rules. First of all, it needs to be a ball machine that is new and has instructions. I'll make an exception though, you could do a ball machine with instructions that was made from May, 2016, and up. What you will do is make the ball machine first of all (unless it's built from May 2016 and up) and post it on instructables. Then, you put the ball machine link in the comments or just by emailing me on instructables. After that, I will put a picture of it on here and once there's enough ball machines or by the start of March, 2017, the winners will be announced and will be put in the collection (in order) that I talked about at the beginning. One more thing, I am not entering this contest.

Thanks and good luck,

Screenshot 2017-01-23 at 7.57.08 PM.png
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KneXFAN200 (author) 10 months ago

OKAY! THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED! Grand Prize Winner... The Knex Inventor! First Place Winner... random_builder. Congratulations everyone! New K'nex ball machine contest coming in at least a week!

Yay, I win. Will you subscribe to us? Where is the collection with these builds in them?

KneXFAN200 (author)  random_builder10 months ago

I did subscribe to you and sadly, I can't put it into a collection and post it until there is 5 or more instructables in that collection. So once the winners of the other ball machine and gun contest wins, i'll put them into the collection and finaly post it.

Does this one count? It was working, but I lacked the pieces necessary to finish construction.

KneXFAN200 (author)  The Knex Inventor12 months ago

I'll count this just because I want you in it. Thx!!! Also, could I use this for a knex ball machine? I'll give you credit! nd yes I can see how to make it from the pictures.

Okay, thanks! What do you mean, use it for a K'NEX ball machine?

KneXFAN200 (author)  The Knex Inventor11 months ago

I mean, let me use it for a knex ball machine I want to make.

Oh. Sure, you can use some of the mechanisms in another ball machine. As long as you give credit to me.

KneXFAN200 (author)  The Knex Inventor11 months ago

I will give you credit!

Okay! Could you send me a link of the finished ball machine when it is done?

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