KNEX Robotic Controller

Howdy, What do KNEX builders use to control robotic projects.I am asking about the physical most fans use one of the hobbyist controllers (BASIC STAMP, Cricket, Arduino, etc) or do fans hack the RCX/NXT? Does anyone use the old KNEX controller "Leornardo" ? Thanks, Richard

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g41294727 years ago
I want to know that where leonardo interface sell. I need it to do knex move and use all of sensors.
ftking_83702 (author)  g41294727 years ago
The Leonardo was marketed for a short period of time, but it was discontinued long ago. K'NEX had some in the warehouse, and I would contact them directly. I hope that helps! -r
Thank you for your help. That mean Techno knex set , I find it long time but nowhere sell it. I 'll thank you if you can help me to have it because I interested to learn writing program control knex by leonardo interface.
ftking_83702 (author)  g41294727 years ago
No problem. I do not work for K'NEX, but next time I have them on the phone I will ask if they have any laying around.

My company produces a controller (the BRAIN - ) that will work with K'NEX if you are just looking for a controller. (I can also recommend Arduino and the SuperCricket).
-Hope that helps. -r
your controller is great . it has sftware which can use represent to leonardo box with motor,every sensors of knex?
g41294727 years ago
Many thanks , I saw your product( Brain) ,it's great and veery interesting but it can integrate with Knex? motor, all of sensor will be compatable with knex as well?
Kairah8 years ago
I think you mean a PLC (Programmable logic controller) and not a physical controller. I do not know very much about PLC's yet, but on the knex-forum there is someone who wants to use an Arduino for his rollercoaster. And I have seen some people use the NXT unit from lego.
ftking_83702 (author)  Kairah8 years ago
Thanks. Yes. I wanted to know what people were using with that manip. Thank you. -R
ftking_83702 (author) 8 years ago
I wanted to share images of KNEX Leonardo. They are no longer in production, and I do not believe they are available. The first image is just Leonardo and the second is the interface with a touch sensor. Thought to share. -Richard