K'NEX Scorpion Evo III

Hey guys, thought I'd drop you some pics of my Scorpion Evo II. Not post-worthy, but a fun gun to have around. Tell me whatcha guys think! (BTWs, the pics were taken with my LG G3. Pretty sick right?)

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didexo2 years ago

Pretty cool. The handle angle kind of threw me off.

Well, its at the correct angle and everything... Thanks anywho!

I'm not saying it isn't, just looked weird to me. That is all. :)

didexo2 years ago

LG G3? I prefer the iPhone.

Most ppl do, but you can't deny the photo quality. =D

No, no I can not. But I don't know Red, iMessage is pretty dandy ;)

The handle looks super comfy, good job as always! Really slick gun.

Thanks man! Means a lot!

You are welcome! Any idea how far it shot?

myOmy2 years ago

That is sexy.

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