K'NEX Vanquisher VIII

Prepare, Guardians! #WestmarchArms


Picture of K'NEX Vanquisher VIII
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JonnyBGood2 years ago

Hey man glad to see you up and kicking! (Even when I'm late...) I absolutely love destiny, so I'd live to see your interpretation of the slug rifle. I guarantee a build when you make one!


akshat210452 years ago

I just got this gun from New Monarchy! It's so awesome! Waiting for your next ible so bad! It's been a while!

Yo, got any projects that you are working on?

The Red Book of Westmarch (author) 2 years ago

Thanks man, I missed you to! *Starts crying too*

*Hands Red a Kleenex*

I didn't mean to offend you you or anything.

Relax Corgi, you haven't done anything offensive

Sorry, it seemed so strange it needed to be "LOL?"ed. :)

That's ok Corgi, no harm done

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