K'NEX war log entry 1

I'm gonna be doing a knex war log every week till 2010 so here it is. 9/27/09 It's terrible. The world has gone to war. Every boy 10-20 has been called to war. The battle between KI and Instructables has gone too far. Forum topics have been flooded with hate comments and spam. They took it too far. Now everybody who builds knex guns has taken over the company and stole all the knex they could find. There isn't a knexer out there who has less than 100 guns. I myself have 134. We all have our own vehicles to hide our weapons and transport. 9/28/09 Here i was, at the front line. 2 sidearms, a rifle and sniper. I couldn't believe the difference of age and size of the army of KI. Then a FIRE was shouted and plastic rained out of the sky. I myself had a BR-18 and brutally emptied it on the enemy. I hit 12 guys and knocked them out. Now knex guns aren't harmful but we molded our knex and made them metal so they could pack a punch. And we added carefully made rubber bands specificly so powerful that you could break a bone. That was the objective. The war continued till we called in the SR-V2 men. They surrenderd as soon as never. They kept on the fire. Now, with a BR-18 that could break bones, a SR-V2 was especially feared. To be continued...

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cj814998 years ago
lol you barley have enough knex to build 1 gun nowhere near 134 unless they are verry tiny block triggers of course
NYPA (author)  cj814998 years ago
But who can build the BR-18?
travw NYPA8 years ago
NYPA (author)  travw8 years ago
cj81499 can't.
DJ Radio NYPA8 years ago
I can't either, I need 2 tires.
NYPA (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Really? I CAN build it, but it required 93 gray connectors, but i had only 87. I replaced them with black hinge joints on the turret, and red connectors in the trigger area. I used mainly tan connectors for the bullet locks on the turret, but one lock was a gray connector, because i needed one for the rubber band hook on the turret supporting rod. Oh, and my pin is a gray rod.
travw DJ Radio8 years ago
You don't need all the tires.
This is fictional.
i know but it is funny
Mepain8 years ago
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