K'NEX war log entry 3

Sorry, i forgot last weeks.

The KI army has gotten fiercer.  A lot fiercer. They are building MASS amounts of guns. They hire outsiders such as people who never heard of K'NEX guns, but heard of K'NEX. I think it is because they have such a small army. I have switched my BR-18 to a BR8 because i needed a lighter gun. I just carry a bunch of ammo around. My current weapons are:
Oodassault V3.3
I've got a pouch of ammo for each. My vehicle for transporting and gun storage has broke down. I called a repairman to fix it a hour ago. It should've taken 10 minutes.
The IN army woke up to a attack on our camp. Everybody grabbed all the ammo and thier best guns and got out and fought. I was truely fierce. The medic team was all out and, suprsingly, a lot of people got bandages and started recovering. As for the KI army, Thier medid slacked out, so thier still are people limping off the field.

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Seleziona8 years ago
This is awesome!
Lowney8 years ago
Base of operations? :)

But you are being a little biased, KI may have less members but I find that half the guns are better, since it is moderated. 

DJ Radio Lowney8 years ago
I've seen block trigger guns posted on KI before, they ended up deleted the next day.
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
Exactly: KI is moderated. 
DJ Radio Lowney8 years ago
I bet the guys who post those guns are very pissed afterwards.
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
knexguy8 years ago
For the love of god, stop.  This is pathetic.  You are single-handedly ruining relationships, or at least people's perceptions of relationships, between the two sites.

If you really want to be this immature, at least unite everyone against a common enemy.  It could be an exciting twist.
NYPA (author)  knexguy8 years ago
This for entertainment only. As i said, i was bored.
Whaleman NYPA8 years ago
The Turner Diaries was for entertainment, too. Look how well that turned out, eh?
Nobody knows anything about the book/TVshow/movie/documentary you just referenced.
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