K'NEX war stories

In here we tell stories about past knex wars. For instance: What happened? How many people where there? Who won? (if any) What did you do? What did the other team do? Where did you do it? How was it all planned? Etc... And everything like that. So I hope that there are going to be some good stories.

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Katarukito9 years ago
it started out in december 06 and the recruiter called me, i was sleepy so i said sure. a few weeks later they sent me a letter telling me i had to go to army training. after my training was over i was ordered to go to iraq and fight.... nightmares.... /sarcasm
gpcsmith2 (author)  Katarukito9 years ago
Lol? Where does knex fit into that? Did they use knex guns there (lol jk, but that would be so funny! President walks up to podium "yes that is true, to go along with how pathetic they are we decided to use a 'kids' toy just to show what we mean. And it was a total success, they are on a full retreat at the moment" lol jk).
I can see that, fully automatic IAC knife firing Cannons, lol.
i brought some knex to stab terrorists with
i shot some one in the balls with i am candians cannon v4
ouch... thats gotta hurt
yep hey were on the ground i shot from 5 feet
o. i hope they survived it
they cried for over a hour
What!?, holy crap.
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