I was pretty much looking for something that was not a gun to build before knexfreek's contest went up, so I decided to make an ATV (that of which may be posted). It has steering and suspension.

I am one to add little bits to something to upgrade it over weeks (if not, months), so it will probably change some before a possible post date.

Geonovast helped with the front steering assembly and whatnot.

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I do smack upon this ATV to exist of the uppermost proficiency.  Glowing realization Sir.
Hey are you DJ Radio? Or are you someone else? If your're someone else, please tell me. Although I went to your OB and DJ Radio says you're not him, so who exactly are you?
Fanboy.  Or Mykhalio trying to spite me.
Why they want to spite you? Anyway they have a big vocabulary. 
Dunno.  And they don't have a big vocabulary, they just use a thesaurus.
Oh. They go through all that trouble just to sound smart, that means they're dumb.
Mepain (author) 7 years ago
Thanks guys. I won't reply to all of you, posting that much makes me feel dirty.
i deleted my insructible and my comment happy?
smilee Mepain7 years ago
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