K'Nex C' Bows

Hey I have a question... what you think 'bout my C' Bow? I'll put up an Instructable for it soon! =)

Picture of K'Nex C' Bows
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if it has a rubber band, then it is not a true bow. I would know, im an archer
post post post post post post ... i`n desperate
dsman1952769 years ago
actuly, it is a reall crossbow. the look is deceving but there is no ram.
ThaJuzz (author) 9 years ago
Range depends on what Ammo is used, and with the right rubberband its quite powerfull
smidge1479 years ago
it's not a crossbow. don't post it.
i give up on people. they know nothing about what we want to see. justs post things that they think are good. and dont look at anything that has already been posted or comments.
flames103919 years ago