K'Nex sniper rifle contest!!!

K'Nex sniper rifle contest!!!

the first contest for this group.

this contest is not intended to give people time to make a sniper rifle now, but already have a sniper rifle made AND posted.

all you have to do to enter is to put your instructable in the group. this saturday i will make another forum with a list of the entrants. then the voting will begin.

so to enter you
1. have to have a sniper rifle
2. have a insructable for it.
thats it.
3. it has to be made out of knex only, they can be modified as broken but not melted down to make a barrel or anything like that.
4. it can only use compression(string) torsion(string twisted) and tension(rubberbands), no air compression allowed.

so good luck to everyone!

for inspiration, i will put a picture of my newest creation, MY SNIPER RIFLE! it is finished and i will post a instructable soon.(i won't enter it into the contest though)

Picture of K'Nex sniper rifle contest!!!
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quaheezle6 years ago
mine, the link
maxtheman7 years ago
is this real for a contest??? than you dont make any chance..... so make a psg or a m16 bad not thiswan!!!!
maxtheman7 years ago
he is realy nice bad can you make a good psg1 to??
DJ Radio9 years ago
your gun looks more like an upgraded shotgun
dsman195276 (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
is that a complement? because it does not sound like it.
I suggest that everyone just ignores Radioactive.
that would be awsome ,he just says he is a knexpert
great idea!
dsman195276 (author)  Dutchj9 years ago
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