Kairah's Knex Train V01 [T.N.K.I.T. Entry]

Here is my entry for the T.N.K.I.T. A huge K'nex locomotive. Including whistles, seats, a passengers cabin, drivers cabin and a (moving) cloud of steam coming from the top! It uses the Trekker engine and rides on the old rollercoaster track.

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knex akbar3 years ago
where did you get that motor?
You'll find what your looking for here.
WOW i just saw this and BAM its amazing
alexander124 years ago
relly a budiful train but can you maby give us a few more details of the train cus i'm building him but can't see al the parts clearly
Still my favorite instructable of all time.
Same here :)
I think Ive said so before, but this is one of my favorite knex creations of all time.
Agreed. It's pretty boss.
mdman106 years ago
That is so awesome it does have instructions right cause i am soooo building one
Randomguy658 years ago
You are like the BEST knexer IN THE WORLD!!!!! NICE JOB!!!
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