Kanye West urges kids to Make Something

Here's an awesome outreach project from artist Aaron Rose and Kanye West where artists encourage kids to make stuff. The program has started in New York City where over 1,500 kids have already gone to workshops. A studio will be opening in Los Angeles later in the year.

This looks pretty awesome and the artist line-up is sweet, including Barry McGee, Spike Jonze, KAWS, Kanye West, Chloe Sevigny, Jeremy Scott, and Terry Richardson.

As Kanye says:

"I believe every child is born an artist. That ability to express ourselves freely is inherent in every child, whether it's through singing, dancing, drawing or playing. Somehow as we get older society and culture dampen that spirit, making us self conscious about expression. I believe Programs like Make Something!! help to keep this creative spirit alive as well as show kids that being an artist is a viable career path. As public funding for schools and arts programs continue to be cut, programs like Make Something!! are critical to breeding future generations of artists who can contribute to the greater cultural fabric that keeps America forward thinking and progressive."


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Gjdj38 years ago
Haha, I can't hear kanye's name mentioned without thinking of this. On a related note, wheel of fortune has also been ruined for me forever.
Gjdj3 Gjdj38 years ago

mg0930mg Gjdj38 years ago
Me too. Lol.
Ananand Gjdj38 years ago
I watched that episode. HILARIOUS.
Doctor What8 years ago
*encourages Kanye to make music* Everyone's gotta start somewhere.
That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the topic.

maybe the kids should encourage Kanye to make music
Don't be dissin on Kanye
Why? Because he's so cocky he thinks he deserves to be in the bible? Or that his music is hardly ever his?
I'm joking. But still, at least he's not dealing drugs or going to jail like some other rappers. At least he's trying to help others. I admit he has a huge ego, but hes doing something positive.
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