Katy Perry shows off LED dress

Illuminated clothing has popped up several times here on Instructables. There's the turn signal jacket, EL wire, and Fire Skirt just to name a few. Now the lit up look is getting even more attention with Katy Perry sporting an LED-lit dress made by CuteCircuit. I wonder who will turn up in some bright outfit next?

Katy Perry rocks a CuteCircuit (‘wearable technology’) LED dress

Picture of Katy Perry shows off LED dress
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yoyology7 years ago
The designer was heard to remark, "I lit a girl and I liked it."
JadynT yoyology7 years ago
Too funny!
Zem yoyology7 years ago
 I don't think you can rate comments... But this gets 5*
yoyology Zem7 years ago
 Thank you.  I'll be here all week.  Try the waitress.  Tip your veal.
Ha, nicely cheesed!
gogokath7 years ago
she would be a walking light show at a rave...
KentsOkay7 years ago
 Damnit, and I had just gotten over her!!
>sighs and cranks up Waking up in Vegas
I preferred the video clips to the music, just quietly, but I love the dress!
 Seen her modeling that shank? That is enough to make me melt....
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