Keeping canoeing gear dry

I'm about to go on an overnight canoeing trip with my scout troop, and we were wondering about the best way to keep our gear dry. I know that there are those dry bags that you can buy at places like REI, but I was trying to come up with a cheaper option. We'd be storing tents, food, personal gear, and backing stoves, and a few other things. If you have any ideas and methods you have previously tried, please tell me!

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EyeWander4 years ago
I recommend my Instructable.....

ive used that technique too.

Toga_Dan3 years ago

havent tested my idea yet. if u try it lemme kno if it works.

get a car or truck innertube. cut it so your stuff can go in. fold the ends. clamp ends between 2 boards, using bolts and wingnuts.

SpringRobin3 years ago

Olive barrels work very well. They are fairly in expensive and easily acquired.

gmoon4 years ago
Don't know if there's a better alternative to the commercial "dry bags," but we've learned the hard way that even those will leak in a rollover. So now we double bag stuff like sleeping bags and clothes...
nicholsmom4 years ago
Why not coolers? Ask everyone in your troop to bring any large coolers with clamp-down-style lids. You'd want extra protection for anything like matches or buns, so put them in ziplock baggies as well, but really the coolers should do the trick.
Kiteman4 years ago
I didn't see this first time around.

Our scout group has a small stock of water-tight 10gal plastic barrels they use instead of rucksacks. They got them from a local company and cleaned them out.
Reiff4 years ago
If you canoe often, yes get "Sea Line" dry bags. I head of using trash bags inside of 5 gallon buckets. That is commonly used.
crapflinger4 years ago
dry bags are the most effective method. the best way to find a cheaper option is to not shop at REI (the first step to finding ANYTHING cheaper is not walking into REI). there are some relatively decent ones at walmart for a lot cheaper than you'll find at REI.

garbage bags work if you can protect them from getting ripped up (hard to do in the woods). spacebags can work assuming you get the kind that you can just roll the air out instead of needing a vacuum, though they can get nicked and snagged too. ziplock makes gigantic ziplock bags.