Keeps logging me out

Every time I view a new instructable or go to the home page, I have to log back in. Is this a bug right now, or is something not right with my account/computer? 

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dimdiode7 years ago
 hi. On a Mac, using Safari, the 'instructable experience' is way too variable. I mean, it's one of the best sites on the planet, and sometimes it even works properly. But many many times, if I have logged in properly (and asked to be kept logged in ) and with a pro account, if I hit the 'Download PDF' button, a new window opens, with the login information empty, and it politely asks me if I'd like to apply for a pro account.  This is so infuriating, as it doesn't happen all the time (and I too know how to set the cookie thing.)  It just happens about half the time and it makes me really annoyed.  I'll keep on trying to get at the PDF, and eventually it usually works. But like I say, when it keeps failing, I do get steamed.
kelseymh8 years ago
It is most likely your browser's configuration (I don't have this problem, for example).  You need to accept cookies (even just "session cookies") in order for the server to recognize you as you navigate from page to page.  I have my browser (Firefox) set up to ask me each time a site wants to create a new cookie.  I always answer "no" unless I have a reason (as with I'bles) to say yes.
mackmgg (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
 Well, it appears to have fixed itself on its own. But yes, I do keep it to accept cookies from sites I visit, but not ads on those sites. I use safari on snow leopard, but its working now, and thats what matters.
The same thing happened to me, if it happens again what I did was go to the actual login page and checkmark the box that asks you whether or not you want it to remember you and keep you logged in.
i have firefox and its not working
Darn, that's odd. Try emailing the Admin......he might be able to help you.
nevermind, i found the problem in google chrome it had me logged in already
Oh that's good :)