Keyboard Cat Papercraft

Play anyone off whenever you want with your own li'l keyboard cat. Just print out the document at the link below and put it together. There's even a handy video to show you how!

Tubbypaws via Neatorama

Picture of Keyboard Cat Papercraft
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LuciferRex8 years ago
killed some time in my office today....thanks!
cutiep0p8 years ago
what coin should I use on it? a dime perhaps? a penny looks to big. haha
pie popper8 years ago
this is sooo cute!
Matt214978 years ago
The video reminds me alot of warioware
=SMART=8 years ago
Nooo not keyboard, swap the keyboard for a printer !!!

skip to 1/2 way through if you are in a rush :)
lemonie =SMART=8 years ago
Awww. L
Rofl, half life sound fx.
lemonie8 years ago
Cool! L
yay i was wornding if someone would make this and it happend
Kiteman8 years ago
What an incredibly Japanese site...

There are quite a few interesting models on there - I like the little scenes, and "Ceiling Cat".
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