"Keyboard Masher" Facebook game.

Fun little game I found where the object is to mash as many keys as possible in 20 seconds.  Here's a video of me playing the game, I got over 10,000 keys, which is apparently better than 99% of facebook users:

Link to game: apps.facebook.com/keyboard_mash/

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lemonie7 years ago
You shouldn't waste your time with this sort of cack...

DJ Radio (author)  lemonie7 years ago
It's only 20 seconds... Not a lot of time.
20 sec of furiously mashing keys.... Your score says >500 a second, at 10 digits total, that's moving at >50 Hz on each digit?!

Chikara lemonie7 years ago
unless he was born with... 12 digits?!
lemonie Chikara7 years ago
Yea, but he said he used a spam-bot (or something) that's being clever about it (point-scoring).

TheChemiker7 years ago
Do you have a high-sensitivity keyboard?  Because most keyboards can only handle 4 presses at one time, but new gaming boards can handle up to 20 presses at a time, so you could get a much higher score.
DJ Radio (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
This is just a normal stock keyboard that came with my computer about 3 years ago.
Ahh, you are a really fast keyboard masher then...
DJ Radio (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
Nah, I just used a spambot.
Berkin DJ Radio7 years ago
The one that I made. :3
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