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NateH3211 months ago

I have created the Bin-Dex system to better organize standard Akro-Bin parts cabinets.

Bin-Dex is an organizing accessory to index small parts. Connect your small
parts bins into larger trays and create labels from an Open-Source

We are currently gauging interest at to understand whether we should pursue a Kickstarter campaign. Any insights, support and/or comments are greatly appreciated.

Yonatan24 NateH3211 months ago

Just wondering... Haven't these things already been made? What's special/different about these?

NateH32 Yonatan2411 months ago

Thank you for the reply. Yes, there are a number of different label bars available for various types of storage units. However, the Bin-Dex is the only one that connects two or more bins; grouping the smaller drawers into larger, more easily accessible drawers. In addition, the open-source label templates provide a more intuitive means of organizing via part groupings, colors and icons.

To clarify, this product does not include the case. It is a label accessory that adapts to existing Akro-Mils parts cabinets.

If you have seen a product like this we would certainly be interested in receiving more info. So far our research and patent search has not indicated that this has been done before.

dhrupal931 year ago

Meet evive: an opensource prototyping "tablet" for makers.
With arduino at heart, it offers a One-Stop solution for all electronics, programming and robotics projects.

See lots of featured projects made using evive at:

funelab2 years ago

I just launched one of my HDD Clock projects on Indiegogo, it is a Kit and Complete version. I really want to have a successful Indiegogo, so the whole funding goal is only $578. Check it out and tell your friends!

I need your support
Thank you very much!

Check out my Instructable

ColineL2 years ago

Cambridge Makerspace for teens needs an awesome laser cutter so students can build cutting-edge skills and radical products!

Solarcycle2 years ago

Solderdoodle Pro USB rechargeable soldering iron 100% fully funded on Kickstarter!


Solarcycle3 years ago

Hi guys, I just launched a Kickstarter project for an Open Source solar powered USB wall socket called Solar Socket.

I'm trying to raise funds for a final production version.

Here's the Instructable on how to build the prototype version:



solar socket.gifSolar Socket: Solar Powered USB Wall SocketSolar Socket Open Source.png
Solarcycle3 years ago

Hi guys, I just launched a Kickstarter project for an Open Source USB rechargeable soldering iron called Solderdoodle.

I'm trying to raise funds for a final production version.

Here's the Instructable on how to build the prototype version:



AirDogdrone3 years ago

Hi everyone!

Maybe you might find interesting AirDog. It is the world's first auto-follow drone for GoPro camera that follows and films you autonomously, so you don’t need to rely on filmmaking crew to get breathtaking views. Forget about remote control operation – Airdog is a unique solution for action sports or anything else you wish to film without actually holding your GoPro.

Have a look at our Kickstarter page:

It would be awesome if you could support it or spread the word on your websites. Let’s make a revolution in drone-made photos and videos together!

We'll be thrilled to hear from you! If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask us anything -

Best regards,
Dita Team Airdog

AirDog For you.png
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