Kid climbs walls with vacuum cleaners

A boy in the UK uses a couple of vacuum cleaners to climb walls like Spiderman. It's an amazing thing for a 13 year-old to do and... wait a second. This is just a copy of something that was demonstrated on TV in the UK well before this.

So let's start over. A boy in the UK shows that you can get some media attention for doing a recreation of something that's already been established as amazing, even in the same country. Pretty shameless.

via Inhabitat

Picture of Kid climbs walls with vacuum cleaners
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nickodemus7 years ago
What I like about this... He's only 13!

It's great to see that makers big and small are all over the world.
Indeed it is.
Also it is pretty cool that he is climbing a wall with a vacuum cleaner. haha.
The fact he is doing and he is 13 is probably what's most amazing.
gonna have to agree with Kryptonite on this one Nickodemus
Yeah, when I saw this I was fairly surprised that it was getting any air time especially after it was just a copy of a project made in a programme on the same BBC channel, although there was no mention of the fact that the Mythbusters had already done this years before. On the subject him being 13, he made it in the workshop with his teacher at GRAMMAR SCHOOL, they gots all the monies!!! My damn school even made me buy the materials for my GCSE coursework because they had used 'all' the MDF on other people (the shop technician had abut 20 2m sheets in there for himself.
all the people who ever climbed Mount Everest after the first guy...they're all copycats.
Ramireex7 years ago
I think that if he is not representing it as his own original idea then there really isn't any plagarism involved. Plagerism usually refers to a written word or something put down on paper. We have gone so far and done so much, it is really rare that we will be the first ones to do something. It may be a first time for us but not the first time it was done. He may not even remember where he saw it or the circumstances surrounding the "epiphany" I look at it as a 13 year old kid doing something fun, creative, and allowing us to see it also. I don't see copyright infringement or patent jumping. Let the kid enjoy his moment, congratulate his own process to meet the goal, and rejoice that someone has instilled the idea in this guy that a lot of really strange things are possible. If he wants to be clever, he can say he explored the current evidence-based practice literature and he came up with a better way.
chamunks7 years ago
This is soo awesome I've allways wanted to see someone who wasnt corporate sponsored do something like this... Totally FTW.
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