Kids!! What makes you want to start the day??

Instead of letting the moms of the world plot against you, why not have YOUR say?


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The_Savior12 years ago


aimenbadi2 years ago

i'am from algeria and i don't do inthing even now

SpringRobin2 years ago

My oldest loves to get up and go fishing. My youngest lves to sleep in and then lazily drink some hot chocolate (but mostly just eat he whip cream on top)

JosueKEllis2 years ago

nothing today...

DIY93933 years ago
Haha! Love this! :D
didexo3 years ago
The consolation of going back to bed. And duct tape.
ElvenChild6 years ago
a good book and duct tape
havin my hot chocolate in the middel of winter at 6:30 in the morning
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
My alarm.
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