Killerjackalope's social experiment results

Well I've been conducting a secret social experiment using shopping bags and the environmental topics everywhere as a media for this to happen.

Basically my plan was to see if I could affect the decision of whether or not to take a bag when it's not completely necessary, to change the course of decision I used different phrases and tried to get a more accurate measure by choosing the same people that come in for milk or bread each day.

The phrases are:
'Would you like a bag?'
'Do you want a bag'
'Do you need a bag?'
'Wee bag there, mate?

The results were really quite interesting, the one putting emphasis on need (very subtlety) reduced bag takings by over half in a day, whereas 'Wee bag there, mate?' produced a very high bag taking day because it detracts from the bags impact as an object. The other things I found was that it's actually possible to control some customers bag taking completely, there's a customer that comes in every day to get milk and I have managed to control his bag taking with about a 95% success rate, so shopkeepers unite and we can eradicate unnecessary bag taking, thereby reducing the majority of plastic bags that end up in the street and ocean, landfills are another story, thankfully my stores bags are fully biodegradable...

What do you make of all this, and is it possibly a bit much power to give to a shop worker...

On another note I have curtailed the efforts of one customer I know as the bag thief, he used to take five or six for various uses, through gentle shame jibing he's now down to one.

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killerjackalope (author) 9 years ago
Cool well good luck to you, I hope you find some interesting stuff, if you find more interesting ideas about it please post them back here...
killerjackalope (author) 9 years ago
Go ahead, were you looking for ideas a while ago, I think you were but can't remember.
The other side is that may really, really need a time I was on a trip and there was someone sick (like vomiting sick) in the car and we needed another bag in case he got sick again (which he did).
The lady at walmart acted like it was a crime to ask for extra bags! We had to buy ziplock bags! :(
killerjackalope (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
Well I have a bit more wit than that, if someone asks for a bag without putting stuff in it I kind of figure they are going to use it...
Just sayin'...I guess she was a just a dummy though. :)
killerjackalope (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
hmm probably...
Bran9 years ago
When ever I travel, I buy a patch. You could say I collect them. But seems nearly every time I go to a tourist attraction (recently the Atlanta Zoo and Stone Mountain), I buy a patch, nothing else, and the cashier says, "Do you want a bag?" It's never phrased any other way, like saying need or anything. I say no, and just stick the patch in my pocket or bag. Other times when they don't ask, they usually give me a small bag. Cool spearmint.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
So who was left holding the bag? Don't you loathe those double-baggers?(I mean the ones who place one bag in another when one is strong enough to use) Bad joke from the net follows:A young man had been working as a bag boy in a supermarket for several years. One day the supermarket got new orange juice machines. The bag boy was excited and asked the manager if he could work the juice machines. The manager turned him down. The bag boy said, "But I've been working here for five years. Why can't I run the juice machines?" The manager said, "I'm sorry, but baggers can't be juicers." Did you program the cash register display to emit subliminal messages too?
Don't you loathe those double-baggers?

Not as much as the carpet baggers.... ;-)
killerjackalope (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
Oddly enough yes, the cash machine was using the credit card read as a polling machine, asking whether we should ban free bags..
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