Killswitch on a bass

i've been considering equipping a killswitch to my bass guitar. Think it would be worth it? And could it simply be installed by hooking a button switch to the pickup wires?

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LucDaRocka17 years ago
the basses go for 450$ not the switches
LucDaRocka17 years ago
well i do know its worth it. gene simmons of kiss has one on his axe bass. you can but em for about 450$
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
As long as you don't actually damage the guitar... then maybe
i'm not sure how Buckethead does his but i'm planning on building one in a stomp box form, with one single pole single throw momentary switch (to have a tapping cut out like buckets style) and have a double pull single throw (to have a click on, click off)
acac9 years ago
what would you use it for?
wingman246 (author)  acac9 years ago
making the cool sounds like buckethead does.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. If you are wanting to mute the instrument, just opening the circuit may introduce hum. I'd try shorting the wires going to the amp.
wingman246 (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
i'm thinking i'll just install a button switch like buckethead has. i think all i have to do is set it up so the switch will momentarily cut the signal coming from the pickup.
its a lion9 years ago
There is a iBle on installing a killswitch. I can't remember exactly how it is wired, but I think was pretty simple. Also, I don't see a reason why you couldn't install one on a bass. I have never seen it, but why not...
Yeah you could do that with it you just need the right kind of cord. The kind with the unscrewable piece around the jack.